Anachroniczny czy emancypacyjny charakter spoglądania wstecz? Sztuka jako miejsce sporu pomiędzy wyzwaniami Odyseusza i Orfeusza (perspektywa uobecniania indyferencji)

Piotr Orlik


What haunts modern art? The following article presents one of many ways of interpretation that can be followed in answer to the question of the organizers of conference “Phantoms – reading art in an anachronistic way.” The “phantoms” that haunt art can come from distant epochs. Horkheimer and Adorno reconstruct the modern paths of Odysseus, and Blanchot – Orpheus. In the article, the analyses from Dialectic of Enlightenment and The Space of Literature are compared in the perspective of indifference (which was developed further by the author in other texts), which allows to indicate the differences between the challenges of Odysseus and Orpheus and their influence on art.

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