Problem zaufania w kontekście rozwoju społecznego technologii informatycznych

Mariusz Szynkiewicz


The Issue of Trust in the Context of the Developing Social Importance of Information Technologies


Trust is one of the basic pillars of every social bond. It serves as the factor which integrates and consolidates human societies. Both the act itself and the associated attitude of trust are activistic and relate to the actions of other entities – the entities and systems which are the objects of our trust. Trust can flow from various premises, among which such factors as knowledge, faith, and habit predominate. The trustees can also vary, from another human, through social groups, institutions, material objects, supernatural beings, to certain technologies and even science as a specific cognitive method. The article is devoted to the consideration of trust in the context of one of the most dynamically developing technological fields – the information technology.

Key words: ethics, axiology, informatics, information technologies, society, professions of public trust.

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