Realizm epistemologiczny. Dyskusja z dwoma wybranymi „manifestami antyrealistycznymi” (Goodman, Putnam)

Tomasz Kąkol


Epistemological Realism. The Discussion between two chosen antirealistic manifestos (Goodnam, Putnam).

In this article I discuss the question of realism by analyzing two anti-realistic manifestos (by N. Goodman and H. Putnam) and conclude that their arguments are seriously flawed. At best, they could suggest agnosticism with regard to the problem of realism. At the same time, I argue that the idea of the transformation of the realism-antirealism controversy wholly into semantic one is unfounded and I warn antirealists (following J. Heil and Ch. Martin) that there is no antirealism without some (often doubtful) ontological commitments.

Keywords: realism, anti-realism, N. Goodman, H. Putnam.

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