Uwagi Ajdukiewicza o nauczaniu logiki w kontekście pojęcia przeszkody epistemologicznej w sensie Gastona Bachelarda

Andrzej Kmiecik


Some Ajdukiewicz’s Remarks about Teaching of Logic in Context of Epistemological Obstacle of Gaston Bachelard

This article is concerning the effectiveness of the didactic process. Its purpose is to formulate the problem of founding epistemological obstacles in logic and to indicate some methodological aspects of its researching. The content is the following: (1) Introduction, (2) General background of inquiry, (3) Presentation of the concept of epistemological obstacle, (4) The place of epistemological obstacles in Ajdukiewicz’s conception of methodological self-knowledge, (5) The relation between material implication and a conditional sentence in the context of the concept of epistemological obstacles, (6) Some remarks about the method of surveying epistemological obstacles.

Keywords: Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz, teaching of logic, epistemology.

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