Kategoria syntaktyczna znaków przestankowych (w kontekście analizy kategorialnej Kazimierza Ajdukiewicza)

Karol Samsel


Syntactic Category of Punctuation Marks (in View of Categorial Analysis of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz)


The aim of work is to frame the theory of punctuation mark in relation with the categorial analysis of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz. Above all, it is designed to reconsider distinctly that type of marks throughout the analysis. The range of punctuation marks encompasses 10 separate designates: dot, point, dash (named also pause), ellipsis, question mark, exclamation mark, parentheses and quotes. By the punctuation mark, in a sense given in logic, I mean the mark fully functionalized in the analysis, and therefore standing for, likewise the straight expression, the integral element of categorial testing. Marks of that type are those that disclose the potency of connection, prescribed by me as connectors: name- and clauseformative as well as functor- and superfunctorformative. I enumerate concurrently punctuation marks exluding amphibology (removing ellipsis) and compound marks, that become barely the object of exploration: colons and semicolons. Semantical analysis of punctuation marks allows to describe the basic disturbances of syntactic coherence caused by using the interpunction: meaning here coherent/incoherent syntactic category’s overmatching (policategoriality and transcategoriality).

Keywords: connector, transcategoriality, policategoriality, incoherence, overmatching, exchanging salva congruitate

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