Ajdukiewicz przeciwko idealizmowi. Pojęcie istnienia a spory metafizyczne.

Maciej Sendłak


Ajdukiewicz against Idealism. Notion of Existence and Metaphysical Arguments.

The subject of present article is Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz’s argument against idealism. The argument has been presented in „On the Notion of Existence“. Our aim is to show that the argument has some imperfectness, which allows us to doubt in its validity. As a result we will present two alternative forms of the main thesis of idealism. These modified theses ought to be immune to Ajdukiewicz’s critique. The first one is based on the notion of metaphysical grounding. The second one – on the distinction between pretheoretical and theoretical languages.

Keywords: the notion of existence, debates about realism, metaphysical grounding, methodology of metaphysics.

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