Przyczynek do rozwiązania kwestii miejsca i znaczenia problematyki normatywnej w analitycznej epistemologii w erze postgettierowskiej

Marek Pepliński


A contribution to the issue of method and importance of normative epistemology in analytic postgettieral epistemology.

I present argument for different than traditional continental classification of epistemological issues. Paper has two parts, first concerned with K. Ajdukiewicz and J. Woleński conception of epistemology and its branches and with different methods of epistemological inquiry based on different task posed for epistemology. Second part discuss main important topics of current postgettieral analytic epistemology like virtue epistemology, ethics of belief, problems of epistemic value, epistemic value monism and pluralism, metaepistemology and concludes that in traditional continental classification the issues of virtue part and the issues of nature of knowledge should be united in broaden set of topics concerned with valuable cognition and knowledge part, which has descriptive, normative, and regulative subparts.

Keywords: K. Ajdukiewicz, J. Woleński, normative epistemology, ethics of belief, virtue epistemology, traditional continental epistemology, analytic epistemology, norms of assertion, methodology of epistemology, metaepistemology,

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