Znaczenie refleksji historiozoficznej w rozwoju polskiej myśli społeczno-politycznej XIX i XX wieku

Andrzej Wawrzynowicz


Role of Historiosophical Reflection in the Development of the Polish Social and Political Thought in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The paper is an attempt to characterize the status and role of historiosophy in the transformations of modern thought. The discussion explores factors underlying an increased interest in historiosophical problems in the Polish thought of the 19th century, the impact of the interest on the dynamics of development of leading currents in the world-view which emerged in that period, and its subsequent evolution in the 20th century. Linking these aspects to the context of the historical process of development encompassing the modern model of social and political consciousness opens up a perspective for investigating the current role, potential and limits of historiosophical reflection.

Keywords: history, historiosophy, national consciousness, Polish messianism.

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