„Solidarność zachwianych” i Karta 77. Historiozofia Jana Patočki

Bartosz Matyja


“Solidarity of the shaken” and Charter 77. Jan Patočka’s historiosophy

The paper shows the influence of Jan Patočka’s historiosophy on the milieu of the Charter 77 signatories. The Czech Phenomenologist presented in his own synthesis of the Czech history and in his lectures on the history of philosophy the Socratean ideal of the man who accomplishes his freedom by “minding the soul”, which bids his facing the world as absolutely problematic and without any possible resort to metaphysics. In the 20th century this “minding” – due to the dominating nihilism – had to put on a radical form of the “solidarity of the shaken”, which means: of the people dazzled by the experience of the frontline; of those understanding the world as problematic and – at the same time – assenting to the fact. These ideas became a basis for the ethos of the Charter 77 and conditioned its strategy of the “apolitical policy”.
Keywords: history of philosophy, Charter 77, solidarity of the shaken, minding the soul, phenomenology, Vaclav Havel, Jan Patočka.

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