„Krucjata” przeciwko zachodniemu anarchizmowi – tradycja i tradycjonalizm we współczesnej myśli rosyjskiej

Marek Jedliński


The “Crusade” against Western Anarchism – Tradition and Traditionalism in Contemporary Russian Thought

The article discusses the main assumptions of Russian traditionalism and the meaning of the term “tradition” in the culture. The contemporary Russian traditionalists have bequeathed the critical assessment of the French Revolution from the French traditionalists. The traditionalists deem the cultural changes taking place in Europe after the Middle Ages an evidence of the downfall and anarchy of the West. For Alexander Dugin (main representative of the Russian traditionalism), the Western world is in the state of a long-term crisis, the source of which is the rejection of tradition and religion.

Keywords: tradition, traditionalism, history, Russia, Alexander Dugin.

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