Rewizjonizm w Polsce – dziwaczny bękart przemian politycznych 1956 roku

Krzysztof Brzechczyn


Revisionism in Poland – a Strange Bastard of the Polish 1956 Political Changes

The aim of the paper is an analysis of revisionism in the intellectual history of Poland. In my analysis, I do not exclusively focus on the case of Poland but I attempt to show it in a broader, i.e. the comparative, central European perspective. In the first chapter, the political and historical conditions are presented. The meaning of the term “revisionism” is presented in the second chapter, whereas in the third one two trends: anthropological and sociological are analyzed. In the last chapter, the reception of both stands in the Polish society and reaction of communist authorities are characterized.

Keywords: socialism, revisionism, Budapest school, Warsaw School of intellectual history, Praxis group.

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