O fenomenologii kognitywnej kontekst, argumenty, problemy

Witold Płotka


About the Cognitive Phenomenology: Context, Arguments, Problems

The main aim of the article is to reconstruct some elements of cognitive phenomenology. Cognitive phenomenology claims that there is something it is like consciously to think that p, which is distinct from what it is like consciously to think that q. It is argued that to describe phenomenal character of thought, one has to abandon a strict distinction between phenomenal and access consciousness, since here cognitive consciousness is reducible to the non-phenomenal aspect of consciousness. Cognitive phenomenology argues against externalism about content, and it defends the view that there is immediate access to the phenomenal constitution of contents. Lastly, the author argues that the concept of intentionality must be reinterpreted also and the concept of phenomenal intentionality introduced.

Keywords: cognitive phenomenology, phenomenal quality, content, representation, externalism.

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